About Us

K.Shreyans Electronics Pvt. Ltd - Pioneers of Auto Dipping System (Patented)

K.Shreyans Electronics Pvt. Ltd. commercialized the technology in the field of auto safety devices by introducing Auto Dipper - a life saving innovative solution.

The group is backed by highly experienced technocrats in the field of electronics. The group is managed by experienced professionals. Highly motivated, talented and values-oriented professionals across the functional departments such as Marketing, Finance, Liaison, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Planning etc. manage K.Shreyans. We have developed a unique auto-dipper for all kinds of vehicles. The product, once fitted to a vehicle puts the high beam to low beam when two vehicles are approaching in from the opposite direction. When those vehicles have crossed each other, the high beam is restored. This prevents momentary blindness of the two drivers, thus avoiding road accidents. The auto-dipper provides additional safety in night driving and prevents the loss of life and property.

Group Strengths

The group leveraging on its strong fundamentals has developed strength over the years such as:

  1. Strong Product

  2. Spot the technology and commercialize the same

  3. Ability to implement projects in a short period of time

  4. Exemplary commitment