Accidental Scenario

As per the statically data collected during the past few years, there is a steep rise in the number of fatal road accidents and injuries due to traffic accidents. A series of studies carried out also confirms that most of the accidents happened during night and the main reason being dazzle or momentary blinding of vision of the drivers of the vehicle involved. Due to the glare of the head lights of an approaching vehicle, the drivers lost sight and collide. At least 14 Indians die every hour due to road accidents. The Delhi Police has confirmed that two out of five accidents are because of high beam glare. Further, 44% accidents at night are due to headlight glare alone.

Road accidents in India

A report on road accidents in India by Ministry of Road, Transport & Highways highlight some grave and pressing facts about road accidents in India.

  1. No. of Road accidents = 4.65 lac/year approx.

  2. No. of Deaths (Road Accident) = 1.48 lac/year approx.

  3. No. of deaths due to headlight glare = 25000 per year approx.

  4. No. of persons injured = 4.71 lac/year approx.

Source: Road Accidents in India 2017 by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways