Auto Dipper System

K.Shreyans Electronics Pvt. Ltd - Pioneers of Auto-dipper (Patented)

Throughout these years, K.Shreyans has wholeheartedly devoted its time and energy in improvisation and commercialization of the concept of Auto dipper. Our Product - "Safe-i Auto Dipper" and its concept is in line with the international standards. It has been manufactured as per the guidelines prescribed by the Central Motor Vehicle Act and rules of India. This revolutionary device - a rare blend of safety and comfort is protected through patent rights.

With respect to these, we are to narrate the following:-

  1. The prime function of auto dipping system is that it automatically shifts the headlight beam of road vehicles from high to low according to the road and traffic conditions. Also, as per the road and traffic requirements, the high beam is then automatically restored. (Function as per standard SAE J 565, Titled: Semiautomatic head lamp switching device)

  2. The Central Motor Vehicle Act, Section 110 defines Auto Dipper as an essential safety device. The Central Motor Vehicle Rule 106, The deflection of Lights has provision for auto dipper functioning and also outlines the functional requirements to ensure road safety of vehicles at night.

  3. Indian Parliamentary Committee favors Auto Dippers

  4. Some giants like BMW, Audi etc already have this feature e.g. BMW high beam assist. Due to the quality of our Safe-I Auto Dipper, we are suppliers to OEM's like Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) and AMW, L&T-Komatsu, L&T-Scania etc. We also work with Govt. Organisations like CCL(Central Coal Fields Ltd.), SAIL etc. Several states in India have also issued notifications/orders of Rule 106 enforcement by using Auto Dipper for road safety. Director General Mines Safety, India (DGMS) have also notified about the importance of this device by enforcing the same.

  5. Our customized device can be installed in all the vehicles. Be it in two-wheelers, three-wheelers, cars/jeeps, trucks, dumpers, tippers, buses, etc.